YogaTouch is a therapy which was devised specifically for adults with disabilities including those with profound and multiple disabilities.
Typically, the client remains fully clothed for the session in a wheelchair or on a mat. The treatment involves hands on massage techniques, sometimes using different textures, as well as sound, vibration and other sensory opportunities as well as stretches and movement, working with the breath and often,( depending on the client’s needs) using minimal verbal communication.
A calm space is created before any hands on work takes place as it is vital that the client has time to ‘arrive’ and start their treatment feeling safe and held. Permission is sought before treatment begins. Clients who have regular sessions tend to be able to relax into the session quicker as the different stages of a treatment are marked and become familiar to them. A treatment ends in the same way each time for the client so there is a clear beginning, middle and end thus giving a sense of structure and safety leaving them feeling nurtured and relaxed. Treatments can also be used to energise and promote concentration and communication

YogaTouch is also suitable for children with or without additional needs and uses techniques such as storytelling, songs and rhymes; research has shown that using massage with children can:
• Improved calmness and concentration
• Increased self-confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem
• Improved social skills
• Increased engagement in activities
• Better communication